Almost a Decade of Transmission Issues


First and foremost, we would never go so far as to suggest that Nissan is the only auto manufacturer to experience transmission issues. Our first mass action involved the PowerShift transmission used by Ford Focus and Fiesta vehicles, and so it’s clear to us at least that these problems can exist for many manufacturers, worldwide. However, the fact remains that Nissan has developed a reputation for CVT problems, especially in the first versions of its various vehicles (as is discussed here).

Vehicles of the Japanese automaker that have experienced CVT problems include:

Nissan Rogue

One of the manufacturer’s premier vehicles, the Nissan Rogue, has, according to owners,  experienced  transmission related shuddering and acceleration difficulties that cannot be permanently repaired.  Owners often become frustrated with very similar experiences at the dealership as well....with the problem being difficult to reproduce, they are often informed that no problem exists, or that the transmission functions normally.  With gear shift lockouts and more, owners able to get the work covered under warranty are left wondering what they will do once the vehicle is outside of warranty. This, in turn, becomes an ongoing problem, leading to further frustration that often occurs when many decide to sell their vehicle, only to be surprised with how much their vehicle may have depreciated as the uncorrected transmission issues continue.


Nissan Sentra


This vehicle has experienced some of the greatest uncertainty when it comes to the stability of their transmission,  which is often determined based  upon the year it was manufactured.  The 2013 Nissan Sentra has some of the highest complaint numbers of any vehicle on the road, with the overwhelming issue being the transmission and its related problems. With revving and jerking emerging around the 70,000 mile marker, too many have been left wondering what to do, other than to  have the transmission completely replaced.  2012-17 Sentra vehicles are the subject of an emerging class action (with another one filed in late 2017 over transmission concerns!), meaning time may be limited to file a claim before owner rights are limited, so contact us as soon as possible if you’re having issues with your vehicle!


Versa, Pathfinder, Altima and Maxima


Despite the Sentra being on the smaller side, the car has experienced big transmission problems. There are website forum sections dedicated to this and you can see for yourself how prevalent they are. The 2012 version of the vehicle is rife with transmission issues, with complaints at the top of the list of wide ranging other issues. You can also see a breakdown of problems listed year-to-year but contact us when you’re ready to file a claim!

Known for its shudder/‘judder,’ transmission issues associated with the Pathfinder are not a well-kept secret.  Despite various TSBs and other efforts by the manufacturer, problems with the transmission in the Nissan Pathfinder have caused too much difficulty for too many owners.  Feeling unsafe or completely dissatisfied, many owners have  either sold their vehicle or drive daily in a car they do not feel is safe. Adding costly repairs in a vehicle that is no longer receiving warranty-covered fixes, too many Pathfinder owners have been left behind by Nissan. Note: unfortunately owners of 2013-2014 Pathfinders who have not opted out are already included in a class action settlement.


While not as prevalent as the other models, the Altima has its own CVT issues and very real transmission problems. Whether falling into limp mode or failing entirely, these transmissions can be problematic and costly. Issues with the Rogue and Altima were even a featured topic on, due to the problems many owners have faced. Owners of the Nissan Altima that have faced out-of-pocket costs or significant problems with their transmission should contact us so that we can proceed with a claim on their behalf!

Though it has had less reported CVT issues than the other vehicles mentioned here, there have been other issues reported with the Maxima as well. More common for the Maxima are problems with the steering and electrical systems in this vehicle.





Please note that the information relating to Nissan transmission issues is not limited to the brief descriptions above, or even those linked resources throughout. These summaries are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as anyone who Googles, “Nissan Transmission Problems” can quickly discover.

Do you own or lease one of these vehicles? Please contact us today so we can process your claim to secure all the compensation that you deserve.