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Having Transmission Issues?
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In 2018, our firm began to notice a trend. As an industry leader in automobile and truck defect litigation, we began to receive dozens, then hundreds, and eventually thousands of complaints related to the CVT transmission from California Nissan owners. When it came to these vehicles, the issues were common: complete transmission failure, difficulty driving, no help from the manufacturer, etc. While every car manufacturer can have some issues, and even the best conceived car or truck may lead to a lemon or two coming off of the manufacturing line, one vehicle make stood out. Over and over, we heard from California Nissan owners complaining that, within warranty or just after their warranty expired, they were told their vehicle needed a new transmission. Once or twice would be understandable, but the sheer volume of similar complaints got our attention. 

Since looking into this issue more specifically for California Nissan owners, starting in late 2018, our affiliated firm of California lawyers filed nearly 500 cases in state court for defective transmissions in just under six months. At an average of almost 100 new cases per month, we are helping Nissan owners have a voice and speak out about the issues with their car’s transmission. We have Nissan’s attention! Our experts have identified this transmission as flawed and defective. The Nissan vehicles at the center of this issue, operating with a CVT transmission, have been failing at an alarming rate for our clients, some of whom have faced 2-3 different repairs at an unacceptably low amount of miles. For California Nissan owners facing that many repairs, immediate action is necessary to preserve their rights and ensure the maximum value can be pursued for their defective vehicle. 

What makes us so confident that California Nissan owners have a valid complaint about the CVT? In short, the math here is simply too compelling to ignore. Unlike any other manufacturer we receive complaints about, Nissan and its CVT lineup are far and away the most common. What’s more, from our review, it does not appear to be a simple part or element of the CVT transmission that is leading to issues – when our clients visit the dealership for transmission issues, they are being quoted pricing for a full transmission replacement, often to the tune of thousands of dollars in repair charges. Do you have that sort of money laying around to cover a catastrophic transmission failure just outside of warranty? Our clients don’t, which is why they are pursuing California Nissan lemon cases against the manufacturer through our affiliated firm of California lawyers. 

Too many people may read this and think: why didn’t these owners complain to the manufacturer? Why did they just rush to sue instead of letting the dealership resolve the problem? The truth is that each of our clients hastried to get this issue resolved, both at the manufacturer and corporate level. Part of our process involves exhausting all options when it comes to letting the manufacturer ‘make it right,’ meaning litigation is the only option available to those who are facing a headache each time they turn the ignition. Fortunately, for those whom the manufacturer has let down, California’s Song-Beverly Act provides exceptional opportunities for relief that our attorneys utilize to turn the tide on the bad vehicle woes and paves a better future for our clients. California Nissan owners can, as a result, use the state’s laws to pursue the compensation they deserve to move on with their lives. 

Perhaps you already have had a repair on your vehicle that was covered under warranty. The first thing you should realize is even that repair has caused an impact on your vehicle because it now appears on your vehicle’s report. The impact on re-sale value alone is worth consideration, but you should also take into account your mileage when you received that repair and, down the road, when you might need to require, as many have, a second replacement transmission. Think that won’t affect re-sale value? Nissan is not exactly giving out free transmissions to anyone who complains, nor are they openly buying back these cars proactively, as the law requires? As such, California Nissan owners are forced to take action and let a court of law decide what is fair. That is our job – to get owners all the compensation they deserve before it’s too late and that’s exactly what we’ve done for many owners that have already received their buyback! Sure, every case is different and your results could vary, but you deserve to benefit from our national history of success. 

Make no mistake: time is not on your side if your Nissan transmission problems are persisting. California law does have its limits; there is a certain amount of time that you have to file a claim if your vehicle’s transmission issues have become too much. Further, by filing a lawsuit before you have to get that second, third, fourth repair, etc., you have the benefit of having attorneys working on your behalf to pressure Nissan to do what they should have done before to avoid sinking money into a repair if you don’t need to. We won’t be able to get you a free repair, but our California affiliated attorneys may be able to get you a buyback or settlement before such a repair becomes necessary – that’s our goal for clients sometimes within six months of filing. 

Another reason time may not be on your side? Class actions against Nissan for these issues with the CVT transmission continue to pop up as time goes on. Intended to provide affected people a common and simple resolution, the major issue with an auto class action settlement is how it impacts those in California. While California auto law allows for exceptional settlements and jury verdicts, that protection can be eliminated by a class action settlement, whereby owners in all 50 states are treated the same. California Nissan owners could lose access to tens of thousands of dollars and legal protections by a national class action settlement that greatly reduces their rights. 

Our assistance extends beyond current owners as well, as California law does allow for action to take place even where former owners have been harmed financially by their defective vehicle. This means that whether you still own your defective Nissan vehicle or not, there is little reason not to explore your legal options for the repeated transmission issues you’ve faced. Given that our California affiliated lawyers continue to file new claims nearly every month and continue to achieve results for clients, there is no reason not to get your claim started! Add in the fact that they have achieved settlements in excess of $80,000 for some California Nissan owners, and you can see why we think today is the time to get your claim moving!

California Nissan owners that hire our firm to represent them are able to rest comfortably knowing that these lawyers will be pursuing maximum compensation on their behalf while not charging any out-of-pocket costs. That means the lawyers only get paid when you receive results – and the only thing that is holding you back from finding out your options is failing to get your claim started!

If you are sick of getting the run-around from your local California Nissan dealership or from Nissan corporate, it’s time to give us a call. You can reach out to our main offices by calling (844) 808-7529 and our team will begin the process of getting the critical information we need to bolster your claim against Nissan. Given the fact our California affiliated lawyers have already secured settlements for some in that pool of 500 clients, and in less than 5 months, you can rest assured we will take your claim seriously and progress it as rapidly as possible to pursue the resolution you truly deserve. Of course every case is different and your results may vary.  It is important that you not waste another day hoping things resolve themselves on their own as important statutes exist which can limit how long you have to pursue a lawsuit – don’t hesitate, contact us today at (844) 808-7529!

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