Nissan Transmission Problems

Assisting Owners With Their
Nissan Transmission Issues


Supporting Nissan owners with CVT issues.

You bought a Nissan vehicle expecting a reliable automobile that would serve you for years to come. Unfortunately, transmission issues have come up repeatedly, leading to wasted time at the dealer, expensive repairs and more. What is often the largest or second largest investment any person can make, the purchase of a new car should not come with these headaches, lost time and expenses. We're here to help and to recover all the compensation that you deserve. 


Transmission Problems? You're not the only one!

Learn more about the issues facing owners of Nissan vehicles with CVT transmission problems
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We take action in the best way possible - for you - to ensure you're not left in a lurch anymore! 
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Numbers Don't Lie

Want to see just how widespread this CVT problem is? Check out's full list of user-submitted problems to better understand how big Nissan's issue is!
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Getting You Back
On Track.

We will utilize the laws best suited for each individual's claim to limit costs and get you an effective resolution for your Nissan transmission issues.